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Houston Retail Shopping Center

Red Carpet Comes Through Quick

The partners at Westheimer Plaza are quickly building one of the most successful commercial real estate portfolios in Texas. With big growth comes lots of tenants and lots of responsibility. So when one of their retail shopping center tenants reported a roof leak time was of the essence. Within hours of receiving the call RCR had a project manager onsite and inspecting the storm damage. The roof was old, the damage was extensive, and a full replacement would be needed. But the insurance claim process takes time – time that complaining tenants don’t have.


Red Carpet Roofing worked out an immediate plan to stop the water intrusion while we worked on a longer term solution. Profit? Not so much, but that wasn’t our goal. Our top priority was to take care of the customer’s immediate needs and keep their tenants happy.


In the meantime, we brought in our Private Insurance Adjuster to work through the claims process and represent the client’s best interest with their insurance company. From years of experience we’ve learned this is the best way to save the customer’s time and, most important, ensure their insurance claim is approved.

At Red Carpet Roofing we’re committed to earning customers for life. By eliminating problems and creating value we hope we’ve done that for Westheimer Plaza.

“Our experience with Red Carpet Roofing has been great. They responded quickly and recommended a solution that would immediately address the water intrusion with a low cost fix. They also brought in their own insurance expert to handle the entire claims process with our insurance company for a the longer term replacement project. Solving problems, saving us time, and handling the busy work for us – that’s the start of a great vendor relationship. We will be using the Red Carpet Roofing in the future.”

Ramana Korada, Managing Partner
Raven Multi Family | Westheimer Plaza

El Paso Apartment Left In A Bind

Red Carpet Shows Integrity

When the owners of large El Paso apartment community called for help, Red Carpet Roofing saved the day.


Wolfe Investments, a leader in Texas multifamily, purchased the property with plans to tackle deferred maintenance; a holdover from the previous owners. After a large storm several units on the property experienced leaks, creating unleasable units, vacancy and revenue loss. A different roofing contractor was brought in with promises to quickly solve their problems. Unfortunately, they did nothing more than place a tarp on flat roof – refusing to start work until an insurance claim was approved for full replacement. Reputable roofers know a tarp on flat roof can cause damage, and it did in this case. The community was left with additional water damage caused by the shotty work, major project delays and a denied insurance claim to boot. Months later the property still had leaks, still had vacancy and was at risk of losing their opportunity to refinance the asset at more favorable terms.


After calling in Red Carpet Roofing things changed quickly. Our approach is different. We always put the customer’s immediate needs above any short term profit. Most companies want nothing less than a full replacement with a big pay day. We proposed a plan to fast track the most essential repairs, at little to no profit, so they could immediately lease the vacant units. Why prioritize such a relatively small repair job? Because we’re confident that by building trust and solving problems we can earn our clients future business.


We build roofs and relationships…and we look forward to working with Wolfe Investments on all of their roofing needs in the future.


“The previous roofing company left us with nothing but problems. They caused additional damage and refused to help us unless a full replacement claim was approved. Even worse, they didn’t even assist us with the claims process. Red Carpet Roofing gave a low cost solution that allowed us to lease the vacant units right away. In the future, Red Carpet has offered to bring in their own private adjuster to work out the details on any of our roof damage claims. I can confidently recommend RCR and we would look forward to working with them in the future.”

Kenny Wolfe
President | Wolfe Investments

Dallas Single Family Home

Red Carpet Roofing Saves the Day

For one local single family investment company, replacing roofs is just part of their business. CleanMatics runs a diverse portfolio of successful businesses including buying, selling and renting homes throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth area. A hallmark of the CleanMatics model is to rehab and upgrade the homes that they purchases. In most cases, they completely replace the roof; often at their own expense and without an insurance claim.

CleanMatics is not the typical residential roof customer. Their experienced team has access to the best tools, including a popular software app that can measure the size of a roof using satellite imagery. The software is always accurate, so when CleanMatics requested a quote they already knew the size of the roof and materials needed. Red Carpet Roofing won the bidding process with our commitment to providing the best service at the lowest price, but that was just beginning of the value we added.

On date of install we re-measured the roof just to confirm the numbers. We were surprised to learn the software was wrong – overestimating the size of the roof by more than 10%. The job was approved and the customer was very happy with the original quote. Only Red Carpet was aware of the miscalculation. What to do? There was never a question. We contacted the customer and told them we would be reducing the invoice to match the revised measurements. We also returned the unused material saving the customer additional costs.

At Red Carpet Roofing honesty and integrity are non-negotiable. We believe good business is honest business, and we look forward to earning CleanMatics’ business in the future.


“I was shocked. The entire industry uses that software and I’ve never seen is be inaccurate with roof measurements. I’m pretty sure most roofing companies would have just moved forward and taken the extra profit. Red Carpet Roofing showed their honesty when it counted – when no one was looking. Not only did they save us money, but they did a great job. In an industry known for less-than-reputable players, it’s nice to know there is an honest roofer out there. We look forward to working with RCR in the future”

Jackie Garner
Managing Parter | CleanMatics 

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