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Residential Roof Inspection



Our Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee covers all roof inspections and repairs by Red Carpet Roofing.Ensure that your roof remains in the best possible condition – call today to speak to a live agent and receive a free quote!


A regular roof inspection is critical to your home’s upkeep. While most people only consider a roof inspection when damage has been done or during the selling process, this can be a costly mistake. If left untreated, small problems with your roof’s structural integrity can cause huge issues down the road.


Benefits of residential roof inspection include:


An annual roof inspection should be a part of your home maintenance plan. A few of the benefits of roof inspection include:


Detects leaks before water damage is done

Water damage begins before water is visible inside the home; our professional inspection team will be able to detect leaks before they lead to any significant damage.


Streamlines process of filing insurance claims

The insurance claims process can feel overwhelming, but our team makes it simple when it comes to your roof. Our detailed reporting will make your insurance claim much easier to final, as we will provide ample details regarding the damage that was found, cost estimations and what is required for repairs.


Lifetime of roof extended

A regularly inspected roof will far outlive a roof that is only repaired when critical damage is visible. A full roof should last approximately 30 years if regularly inspected; if neglected, the lifetime is reduced significantly.


Terms of warranty fulfilled

A regular inspection fulfills the terms of warranty for your roof. Ensure this is maintained by having a roof inspection completed on your home.


Reduces long-term costs

Completing minor repairs as needed will extend the lifespan of your roof and reduce costs over time. Reduce the overall cost of your roof by ensuring your roof is regularly maintained.


Reveals minor issues before they develop into larger repairs

Minor repairs become huge issues for your roof if left untreated. Don’t let a neglected leak cost you a full roof replacement down the road – our roof inspection team will be sure to catch any minor repairs necessary for the maintenance and longevity of your roof.

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Roof Inspection

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